Esch Road - Lake Michigan Beach

Esch Road - Lake Michigan Beach

Sunday, January 2, 2011

He's 12 today...and Scripture Memorization!

I can't believe that we just celebrated my eldest grandson, Andrew Mycale Thomas's  twelfth birthday today.  I can remember so vividly the day he was born.  I was his mom's coach for labor since we weren't sure if his dad would be able to make it home before his birth.  He did make it home, but he insisted that I still be the one to help her through the labor.  I am still thankful that I have been able to be in the room when my three eldest grandchildren were actually born.
What a blessing Andrew continues to be.  Who would have known that a grandchild would bring such joy to your life.  Andrew smiles, always.  He never complains, at least not to me, I am sure that his parents would have a different story, but after all I am grammie!  Happy 12th Birthday Andrew!  He is already counting how many days until he turns 13!

Tomorrow is back to work for me.  Not that I had a break for the whole 2 weeks, but I didn't go in as early and did take a few days off to be with family.  I work at a school.  I am not a teacher.  I work in administration.  I really am not looking forward to it, not that I don't like my job, I just am getting used to living a little more laid back life.  Oh wait, what exactly is that?  I am sure that is another blog posting sometime.

Good Night...6:00 AM comes early!

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