Esch Road - Lake Michigan Beach

Esch Road - Lake Michigan Beach

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Happy 59th Anniversary Mom & Dad

Today, 12/29, is my parents 59th wedding anniversary.  They have always been an example to me in marriage.  I am not saying everything was always perfect, but as kids we never knew about hard times that they would have.  My mom is to me an example of what a wife should be.  She has always respected my dad and shown the love of God to him in all things.  She has made sure that he was the head of the house.  My dad has always shown love to my mom.  I can't remember a time in my life that he didn't pat her on the behind with a little grin and a peck on the cheek to just show her that he was still madly in love with her.  Even today you can still sense the love and admiration that they have for one another.  What a legacy they have handed down to me and my family.  My dad always taught us children to respect our mother.  He never let us speak ill of her or harsh.  My mother never let us talk about our dad or down to him, she never speaks ill of him to us even today.   He was and still is her night and shining knight! I think that, no I know that I have learned a lot on how to respect my husband thru them.  Thanks mom & dad for being such great examples! I love you both very much.

August 2009

Monday, December 27, 2010

Chuck's Wife

I am Chuck's wife.  Why would I name my blog that?  Because that is who I am and  I am proud to be his wife.  He is a godly, humble man.  He is a man of stature, trustworthy, loyal among many other attributes, and I am his wife, and my name is Cheryl.
We met when we were a mere 16 & 17 years old.  That was over 39 years ago.  We married young at 18 & 19 years of age.   God had a plan even then, it just took us a while to realize that we were part of the plan.
We had our first child, Jennifer in 1975.  We had our second child, Jeffrey in 1976.  We didn't waste any time, no planning in our young heads, we just started our family.
A quick synopsis of our life is that I am still Chuck's wife.  He is the Family Life Pastor at Fair Haven Assembly of God in Dearborn Heights, Michigan, and he refers to me as "his honey" often when he ministers. Our children are grown and married to wonderful God-loving spouses. We have 5 grandchildren, 4 princes and the princess is right the middle of them.
I am starting this particular blog to post my thoughts and to write about reflections in my life as Chuck's wife, a mother, a pastor's wife, and how I juggle working a full time job with ministry and everyday life.
My prayer is that this blog will touch someone's life.  Touch someone's heart.  That Christ will become real to someone who is searching.
Romans 10:9